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Some Residents Aren’t Happy with New Growth in Orlando Neighborhoods

Some Residents Aren’t Happy with New Growth in Orlando Neighborhoods

You might have noticed duplexes popping up in some historic Orlando neighborhoods. To some, it’s a sign of progress, but to others, they’re an eyesore. Channel 9’s Cierra Putnam spoke to residents and developers about how new possible standards can help maintain old neighborhood charm without stifling growth.

Cierra Putnam WFTV: People in these neighborhoods, like historic homes, like this, or houses that are a different shape and color, like this, but they’re not really fans of duplexes, like that.

Resident: I think it’s just horrible. I think it’s ugly.

Cierra: Ghosts don’t scare the neighbors in the Colonial Town North neighborhood, nearly as much as cookie cutter duplexes.

Resident: The people who live here who have paid those prices, thought they were buying “community” and it turns out they were just buying “real estate”.

Cierra: Here in the Milk District, Tanya Bernard said she’ll take lack of character over a crumbling, deteriorating neighborhood.

Tanya: It’s very uniform, very structured, very “Stepford Wives”

Resident: There’s lots of growth in Orlando. It’s growing as fast as any place in the world.

Cierra: Many residents support a push for duplex design standards. They want the city of Orlando to encourage unique features and discourage cookie cutter buildings.

Adam Wonus: So, this is a duplex.

Cierra: Developer, Adam Wonus, showed us one of his new duplexes.

Adam Wonus: We want to know what the community wants and what the people in the community want to have.

Cierra: Jeff Schnellmann with the Greater Orlando Builders’ Association says restrictions on design and lot use infringes on property rights.

Jeff: If you put these design guidelines in, then the city has the opportunity, not the requirement to become a quasi “homeowner’s association”.

Resident: It’s not that they are going to make rules that take away character. They’re going to make rules that encourage character.

Cierra: We won’t see the new proposed standards until December. That’s when city workers will present them to the Municipal Planning Board.